Skylla Engineering Ltd Safety Systems Analyst IV in Stafford, Virginia

SUMMARY: Provide safety services for the assessment and documentation of safety related data for C2IS and EMC2 programs as well as surge support for Command and Control Systems (C2S) teams. The support across all of PM C2S will be to support the PM C2S Technical Support Staff (TSS) for Safety. The Safety Analyst will coordinate with the PM C2S TSS for safety for specific tasking efforts. As TSS for safety, the contractor will conduct reviews and adjudicate comments on all safety deliverables discussed above for all PM C2S teams. Additionally, the contractor will work with team leads, engineers, and logistics to ensure a safety schedule is in place to cover all needed safety analyses to support team test events and fielding decisions. Provide research and technical support to a team tasked with the support of senior-level DoD and Service representatives on system safety or Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) implementation. Help execute comprehensive system safety programs or individual tasks, including plans, analyses, assessments, and evaluations. Analyze data, develop written deliverables, and assist with the presentation of results. Assist with the review of client system safety or ESOH documents to verify compliance with requirements, policy, and guidance documents. Focus on completing client work in accordance with established plans and quality standards. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Systems Safety Analyst responsibilities include:Provide system safety assessments, documenting (in writing) all system safety and assessment findings, and performing development and staffing of System Safety Assessment Reports, Risk Acceptance Letters, Hazard Logs/Analysis, Safety Releases and supportive documentation and Safety of Use Messages (as required, for mishaps that occur within the fleet)Safety Schedules/inputs to teams' IMSWhen applicable, develop and recommend a Programmatic Environmental, Safety, and Health Evaluation (PESHE).System safety analysis of hardware and software for a Marine Corps Command and Control (C2) system in accordance with MIL-STD-882 - includes NAVSEA Lithium Battery Certifications and NEPA Compliance documentation.Review and analyze system safety management and program plans, accident and incident reports, mishap investigations, test plans, technical manuals, test results, demonstration plans, training materials, and Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) documentation.Organize and lead ESOH working groups. Develop meeting minutes as requested.Support the review of Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs).Support the development, analysis, and validation of requirements, to include traceability. Provide analysis-based systems safety recommendations.Provide systems safety input in support of the coordination and development of Systems Engineering Technical Reviews (SETR).For the C2S portfolio of programs safety analyses will support conceptual development solutions, acquisition programs of record, sustainment actions to support fleet availability, safety analysis of integrated solutions across various platforms, and critical safety analysis for safety mishaps within the fleet.Assist in identifying, assessing, and documenting technical risks.